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how is it that my mom's tramadol is better than mine? whatever kind I have makes me nauseated if I take more than half a pill. I took a whole pill from her supply and it knocked out my aches and provided a bonus buzz with no nausea. it's also derping my motor skills and messing with whatever function is responsible for making my fingers make words

in other news, this year I had a "turkey-less roast" aka Trader Joe's store-brand Tofurky and it was better than actual!Tofurky. baked it with stuffing, leeks, and mushrooms. also made some baked mac n cheese with bonus!broccoli, om nom nom.

in keeping with tradition my brother and I created mashed potato sculptures on our plates à la Close Encounters of the Third Kind and I am proud to say no food was thrown at anyone this year

I think I'm settling into a cozy little place on tumblr. 3 people are following me and occasionally reblogging my shit and answering my asks and this pleases me

The Godfather Part II is on <3

tomorrow morning is my dad's annual Fun with Guns but I have to get up at the crack of ass if I wanna go to that. my mom wants to go furniture-shopping when I get back because it's time to replace this couch she's had since I was like 5 but I've never done the retail thing on Black Friday and the thought of going to any store is sort of terrifying

Jason stayed in Springvegas because of work, which is usually how Thanksgiving goes. he got a bottle of Dumante (pistachio liqueur) which I've been coveting forever and hopefully he and his friends didn't drain it in their Liquid Thanksgiving celebration. in my absence he's been letting Tesla sleep in the bed instead of her crate because I took both my pillow and Pip to StL and he apparently requires cuddles when I'm gone. last night he fell asleep with bbgirl curled up under his arm and woke up with her curled around his head on his pillow <3

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