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"I ain't see no hobbits in Star Wars."

TUMBLR why you always gotta harsh my Loki buzz?

I enjoy/don't mind the occasional Loki/Thor but so much of the fanart makes me want to punch people in the face. especially the bellydance!jötunn shit. fuck you and go home

also found an artist who does pretty decent Natasha but on further browsing it turns out this person is all about some Soviet Superfamily. dealbreaker, nothxbai

(and now the positive stuff)

but hey ultimately nothing can harsh my squee right now cus I got my hands on Winter Soldier fuck YEAAAHHH finally and it's gorgeous unnfff can't fucking wait to see how this translates to the screen

also, those occasional mentions in fic of Loki's hair growing even longer? always makes me go "meh" trying to visualize it, but after this fine bit of fanart, I'm sold.

discovered "PBR&B" artist The Weeknd, completely by chance, as seems to be the case for me when it comes to musicians with unique, deeply satisfying styles. bro makes some sexy goddamn music.


/\^..^/\ HAPPY HALLOWEEN Y'ALL /\^..^/\

<3 <3 <3 <3
my birthday party/Halloween shindig was AMAZEBALLS and everyone is fantastic. I remembered everything but the maritals, which sound fucking hilarious as J recounted them though I feel a little guilty for apparently having been a bitch, and woke up in nothing but a Star Wars t-shirt, though at least it was in my own bed.

but that was Saturday. and this was today:

1. remembered the password to my old LJ from when I was a rabid LJer with a possible wannabe-SJW streak?

2. found a bunch of unpublished half-completed PotC fics that weren't great, but held up better against my recent work than I'd expected. they were last updated in summer 2006 and I'm extrapolating my age/personal history and not sure what to make of that. READ ON IT GETS WORSE/BETTER

3. found my very first fic from my very first obsession - a fic which I genuinely sincerely thought was baleeted from ff.net (true) and lost to history forever (fuckin FALSE) and NOAP still online, being ugly and overwrought (yes I love this word) and uh slightly creepy? I hate character death, yet I killed a character in it. but it was just my take on a "canonical" character death. the genius behind that fandom won't officially take cred for the leaked script it's based on, and said script was never made into a movie so it's handwavy canon at best

4. almost threw up not because of the character death but because I wrote that shit as a 17-year-old virgin who had obviously just discovered Labyrinth and was even more blatant about ripping off phrases from song lyrics than I am now jfc what did I write

5. somebody please remind me to lose 15 lb and become a gogo dancer, because if the selection of gogo dance videos on YouTube is representative in any way, it's like bellydance, disinterested-face, western/modern moves, white boy, bellydance. I could be making motherfucking bank. in gogo dancer dollars, that is.

6. The Green Children's new EP is out today, so when I wake up I might actually be spending money on music for the first time since digital format edged out CDs

7. not sure where/how I got it in my head that Bad Lip Reading was the work of the Gregory Brothers (schmoyoho) but it's not and now I'm even more fascinated/confused

golly moses, barbara ann!

shieldandgun's occasional Clint-hate makes me sad, but then there's shit like this that makes me a repeat customer anyway
Would sell my soul for Johansson & Renner to record a duet version of "Ain't No Sunshine".

I also think he should do a cover of Alexander Ebert's "Bad Bad Love".

Motherfucker needs a whole album already.

Somebody please let them know I have a birthday coming up. Because they'll care about that sort of thing.

In unrelated news, I finally got to be a mermaid. It's a dream I've had for 23 years, y'all. I did a cute version of the costume for a party this past weekend, but an evil version is in the works for my own party on Saturday. I've been watching FX/makeup tutorials on YouTube and have a pretty good idea of how to do webbed fingers. Every evil mermaid needs claws, so it looks this freebie set of "celebrity"-branded press-on nails that came with some clothes I ordered will come in...handy...after all, once I trim them to points. And my ears arrived yesterday and are glorious. Several hand-sculpted starfish and a small clay tentacle are currently drying in my kitchen. Last thing I need to work out is how and where to make liquid latex gills. EEEE.

Aunt Sharona hates a puppet

from the good folks who brought you "Bed Intruder Song" and "Auto-Tune the News"

everybody I introduce to this loves/hates me for it. enjoy y'all

my pussy tastes like pepsi-colaaaa

found my Enterprise tin in which I had stashed a barely-touched pack of American Spirit periques.

listening to Lana del Rey. unrepentantly.

feeling the urge to shop at Forever 21.

the only thing keeping me from being a hipster is I grabbed a Boulevard instead of a PBR tonight.

Oct. 16th, 2012

you know, I've only seen season 2 so far, but it seems like Carl gets an unnecessary amount of shit over whether or not he is in the house. adults keep wandering off and either end up needing to be rescued or barely make it back alive on their own.

here is something unrelated

I'm sorry Mr Stark are you holding a bottle of cheap-ass Sambuca di Amore

because that's what it looks like from here
-over the past couple weeks, the official Carrie facebook page has been posting "documents" - Carrie's birth certificate, a newspaper clipping about the rain of stones, a poem she wrote in school - that suggest the upcoming movie will draw more heavily upon the book. my heart, it beats for all the potential.

the birth certificate establishes that this version will take place nowadays, rather than in the 70s. however, some of the info on it is strategically blurred; taking this along with with the other items, one can infer a lot of loyalty to Stephen King's telling, so it's all good by me.

the novel has a scrapbook feel to it, mixing up normal prose narrative with (mostly fictional) excerpts from medical journals, news articles, memoirs, interviews, etc. the 2002 TV movie kind of nodded at that a little by framing the narrative within police interviews with surviving students, but I think there's a better way to reflect the novel's tone and structure onscreen, and I hope Kimberly Peirce & team are using it to their advantage rather than limit all this to bonus goodies.

fuck, I'll even settle for an intro credits montage of newspaper clippings on the massacre.

prayer circle that it's not too distracting that Chloë Moretz still hasn't grown into her arms yet

-sneak peek at 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' graphic novel - from DC, written by Denise Mina/illustrated by Andrea Mutti & Leonardo Manco. my comics-fu is sorely lacking, so if this team is the best thing ever or the worst thing ever, I have no idea. just really really excited. still haven't finished reading the first book D:

-The Green Children are releasing a new EP the day before my birthday! this band deserves more love. there's not a single LJ community dedicated to them, and I'm not sure they have any fan presence to speak of on tumblr.

-on a more random note, Shield and Gun has pretty pictures.